Sometimes I need….

Sometime I need your shoulder on whom I can rely on.Sometimes I need your mind who can understand my worries and anxiety.Sometimes I need your ear who can listen all my secrets and fear.Sometimes I need your hand who can wipe off my tears.Sometimes I need your heart who can understand my feelingsSometimes I need your lips who can kiss my forehead and make me feel special.Sometimes I need your tongue who can communicate with me.Sometimes I need your nose who can smell my essence of concern.Sometimes I need your eyes who can see my vision and thoughts.Sometimes I need your arms who can release my stress.Sometimes I need your fingers crossed who can make promises of never letting me go.Sometimes I need your feet who can walk with me along.Sometimes I need YOU.Because, I really NEED YOU.Thank you!For spending yor precious time on my article.Be in touch for more articles.Have a nice day.Stay safe

Choose your stay.

Some people don’t know how to treat their feelings and are confused between thoughts and feelings.
Treating someone can’t be taught because they always come from within the person. People should always be cautious about the words they are using for someone because every word through the mouth means a lot of meaning which can convey every felling of the spokesperson.
And sometimes people only know the value of the person when they are gone or at the point of losing someone.
In other words
Stay under that roof which can support you.
Stay with that person who knows how to adore you.
Stay with those who celebrate you not tolerate you.
Stay with that blanket who protects you from everything and cover your mistakes.
And if they treat you like an option then leave them like a choice.
Your value and worth are meant to be adored and appreciated not criticized.

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Journey of Relationship

Chapter – 3

Never change yourself for someone else, because if they leave, then you will miss yourself.

Changing yourself for somone means, they don’t love you the way you are. Then what’s the point of being in a relationship where the importance of your personality is absent.

Being flexible for someone who cares for you is okay but changing yourself for the person who don’t know your wroth in his/her life is useless.

People who wants you or love you will always try to change themselves for you and will make each and every effort to be according to you but the person who is with you for the sake of name will never put a single effort to change themselves, rather they will put effort in changing you and raising questions on your love.

Remember : You reap what you sow. And it will come back to you. Some day you will get to know the importance of your lost love. Time and place is not fixed, but holding a flower in front of graveyard with the feeling of regret is a worst feeling you could ever fell.

Love your loved ones. Nobody stay forever.

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Dead love.

Craving for the dead love won’t make you feel alive. Remember, crying for the someone is useless who doesn’t know the value of your tear.

The love which is already taking rest in coffin can never be awaken. You can only put flowers and tears, but you can’t make them accept it.

Cry loud, scream loud, stay alone for a while because these can heal your pain and heart too. Sometimes crying is good for your health and emotions. Because it releases you from your anxiety, trauma and ache.

Remember dead one can only be remembered and recall or their memories can be Recalled. But they can never come back to you. And the same goes with your love.

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Chapter – 2 Journey of Relationship

How can I love someone else passionately when my mind and soul is with someone else?

Breaking up the relationship is very easy but deleting all the memories is very hard. The one who is in true love, never feels ashamed to show there love. There are many ways to love your partner and make them feel special. But when you are not truly into them you can’t do anything, instead of making your life more difficult.

Don’t forget, feelings are easy to generate but hard to replace. I repeat hard to replace.

Therefore, when people are hurt and broken they strat finding ways to replace their old feelings with someone else. And in this way you enter into a different kind of relationship which never makes you happy. Leaving both the partner unhappy.

Moving away from the situations is the easiest way to engage your mind. But can you give your 60% of love to another one when you have not finished your early chapter?No.Never strat your new chapter without ending the first one. Because you will not be able to give your best effort into that relationship which has weak base.

Remember :Stranger are the one who become a lover.And a cup of coffee can do a tremendous magic which a matrimony site or a dating app can’t do.

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Journey of Relationship

Chapter – 1
Communication is a part of daily routine so, have you ever thought, how does it work? Or what is the importance of this communication in your life? Or else like others, it’s a part of your daily life. Only?

A strong a communication with good words will always lead to a good relationship in your life. Because being practical is great ease. But in expressing your emotions, feelings or wants into words is a difficult process. If your thoughts are clearly then your communication will be good and convencing.

If proper tone with proper word will be used in conversation then it will definitely leave an impact on others and that will be an end stage of your communication.

Every communication you start, it always starts with some motive and thought and to give a proper shape and path a medium is needed and that medium is you. Therefore it makes an important for you to think and use proper words so that it never hurts to your loved.

And without a proper communication there is no bond or relationship which can exists in yours life.
Things in life always work from both the side of the communicator. It’s so normal and understood in life that the way you speak to a person, in the same you will get. KARMA will always stay with you. Never forget.

Respecting others will always place you in other hearts and will groom your personality. And by the time you start doing your things in a good way it will create a goodwill of your name and love. And in return you will get love and trust which is two most precious things in the life of relationships and will grow you more.

In other words:

Without respect there is no existence of love and Without no existence of love there is no Trust and Without these things there is no reason to continue your relationship…..

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Why my life is not so easy.

Why my life is not so easy? Does this question come to your mind also? I often look up in the dark sky and try to ask why I don’t get my things so easy? Why I have to do so much of hard work with no progression for a long time? Things which I love, I never get so easy and therefore it takes me to that zone of my conscious mind where I am totally unable to think for more effort.

Is it ok?

Yes, it is Ok for the normal world because in this busy and complex environment we never get things so easy.

Putting efforts is ok but not getting anything in return is wrong and that the where we have to stop our mind from going to the window of disappointment.

Sometimes waiting for the person, time or situation are not made for you, and that the point where we need to understand ourselves that things are not meant for us so now we should stop waiting .

Thinking of stars and moon will always give a beautiful hope of getting them and putting them on your room ceiling and having a best moment ever . But the reality is that you can’t even touch them and thinking of getting it will always give a false hope and at last leads to disappointment.

Trying hard for the things is good because hard work always pay off. But when, have you ever thought?

So, try to do those things which makes you feel good and happy. Things around you matters alot because the environment in which you are living will decide your mentality and your behavior towards other person. So to be the best person, sourround yourself by the positive person who has a positive attitude and aura in life.

And try to make good friends who motivates you to be the good person and helps you to differentiate between more and least important things.

Always try to make others happy because everythings you do will always come back to you. And to make your life easy, do your part and wait for the response if not then, change your way.

But friends, never lose your hope too early.

Thank you!

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Sometimes things which…

Sometimes the things which don’t want, come to us and the things which we want, don’t come to us. Don’t you think so? Irony of life.


The above mentioned line, is so common these days. Before going in a depth let’s talk about our current issue and try to relate ourself with this thing.

COVID-19, we never thought that this kind of virus will be seen in our upcoming days. But who knows the uncertainty. And wearing mask, social distancing and using sanitizer is a habit of daily routine. But we can’t forget that still many are suffering and many had suffered.

We never wanted all these to happen in our life but we have to face these difficulties and to face it we should be in a run to find some treatment i.e medicines and vaccines. But what we can do now, is to take help and precautions . Doctors who are helping the victims and giving there best but can’t give us the surety that we will cured.

But they will take care of you till they can and will help you to get out of those difficulties. But sometimes they fail when those difficulties hampers your immune system and make you suffer daily till you lose and hand over yourself to death.

In the same way in our life we daily suffer from alot of anxiety, emotional trauma, anger, irritation, fear, mistakes, regrets, and many other. All these things target our immune system which need to be purify and for that purification we need to consult to our heart because emotions is not a cup of tea for our mind. Therefore, our heart which is full of positivity get hurt then they always run for the support system. There are many support system which can heal the soul so, first of all we always go to your five senses i.e by crying(eyes), control (ear), shouting (mouth), exhaling (nose), fighting ( touch) or they will go to the external sources to whom you are very attach and you know that this person will surely understand you and will do anything to make you happy.

In this way we also play the role of doctors and of some regular medicines. But the vaccine is not made yet because it is too difficult to cure the problem of emotions and if vaccines is made for your soul then it will find its way and will lead you to be the great human and will enlighten your soul.

Because one can only help you if you have that spirit to stay alive and fight for yourself and your problems too. So, stay safe and healthy.

Thank you

For spending your time on my article

Stay safe.

Does expectation makes you upset?

What makes you upset?

Is it your expectation? Or it is something else.

        We always get upset on the happenings of thing which we don’t like. But who gave us this quality to differentiate our thoughts into likes and dislikes? The power to think stay within ourself. But the purpose of this this power is to think and expect accordingly.

       Can we ask a simple question to us, why do we expect thing from other? if we don’t have any right on them. It’s true we don’t have any right on anyone because we can can’t control them, edit them, mold them, or recreate them. We only have right on the things which own like materialistic things or else robots to whom we can command and tell them to do what we want.

      Its totally not wrong to expect, it’s only wrong when we strat expecting from others and therefore we should always expect from OURSELVES. And if you fail to complete so then you can punish yourself not others.

      So never expect anything from anyone whether they are your parents, partners, friends or family. And then see you will be a step ahead from other to be mentally fit and happy.

Thank you!
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When I repeated your words!!!

When I repeated your words, ideologies or concepts in our relationship then why am I wrong for you?

Revenge, might be one of the reasons she replied in a very unpredictable manner, or you want me to realise the real meaning of those words which I had used for you in past which may have hurted you alot!!!,

What you want?

Do you want me to collect all those memories which I had experienced it, in the past.

Now it seems you have multiple of meaning of those words which I had misinterpreted.

Sometimes it happens with us, when we are using a WORD it might be good for us

– at that time,

– at that conversation,

-at agrument,

-at that debate .

BUT it might be curel word for someone else who had not shared with us but get hurt. So some or the other way that word get added to the dictionary of conversation between two persons and create barriers in their conversation

There is no fault of that person in this situation because at some point of time, in our life we accidentally and unintentionally gave a chance to other for using that word. Then tell me,

What is the harm in doing that?

Why you get HURT?

Then WHY you get upset when I use those words for you form your dictionary and perception?

Even karma says that karma cycle revolves and some or the other day you are also going to face that table….

So when I repeated your words why you are………..

Answer – You know it very well.

THANK YOU!! For spending your time on this.

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