Sometimes I need….

Sometime I need your shoulder on whom I can rely on.Sometimes I need your mind who can understand my worries and anxiety.Sometimes I need your ear who can listen all my secrets and fear.Sometimes I need your hand who can wipe off my tears.Sometimes I need your heart who can understand my feelingsSometimes I need your lips who can kiss my forehead and make me feel special.Sometimes I need your tongue who can communicate with me.Sometimes I need your nose who can smell my essence of concern.Sometimes I need your eyes who can see my vision and thoughts.Sometimes I need your arms who can release my stress.Sometimes I need your fingers crossed who can make promises of never letting me go.Sometimes I need your feet who can walk with me along.Sometimes I need YOU.Because, I really NEED YOU.Thank you!For spending yor precious time on my article.Be in touch for more articles.Have a nice day.Stay safe

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