Journey of Relationship

Chapter – 3

Never change yourself for someone else, because if they leave, then you will miss yourself.

Changing yourself for somone means, they don’t love you the way you are. Then what’s the point of being in a relationship where the importance of your personality is absent.

Being flexible for someone who cares for you is okay but changing yourself for the person who don’t know your wroth in his/her life is useless.

People who wants you or love you will always try to change themselves for you and will make each and every effort to be according to you but the person who is with you for the sake of name will never put a single effort to change themselves, rather they will put effort in changing you and raising questions on your love.

Remember : You reap what you sow. And it will come back to you. Some day you will get to know the importance of your lost love. Time and place is not fixed, but holding a flower in front of graveyard with the feeling of regret is a worst feeling you could ever fell.

Love your loved ones. Nobody stay forever.

Thank you!

For spending yor precious time on my article.

Be in touch for another chapter and more articles.

Have a nice day.

Stay safe.

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