Chapter – 2 Journey of Relationship

How can I love someone else passionately when my mind and soul is with someone else?

Breaking up the relationship is very easy but deleting all the memories is very hard. The one who is in true love, never feels ashamed to show there love. There are many ways to love your partner and make them feel special. But when you are not truly into them you can’t do anything, instead of making your life more difficult.

Don’t forget, feelings are easy to generate but hard to replace. I repeat hard to replace.

Therefore, when people are hurt and broken they strat finding ways to replace their old feelings with someone else. And in this way you enter into a different kind of relationship which never makes you happy. Leaving both the partner unhappy.

Moving away from the situations is the easiest way to engage your mind. But can you give your 60% of love to another one when you have not finished your early chapter?No.Never strat your new chapter without ending the first one. Because you will not be able to give your best effort into that relationship which has weak base.

Remember :Stranger are the one who become a lover.And a cup of coffee can do a tremendous magic which a matrimony site or a dating app can’t do.

Thank you!

For spending yor precious time on my article.

Be in touch for another chapter and more articles.

Have a nice day.Stay safe.

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