Why my life is not so easy.

Why my life is not so easy? Does this question come to your mind also? I often look up in the dark sky and try to ask why I don’t get my things so easy? Why I have to do so much of hard work with no progression for a long time? Things which I love, I never get so easy and therefore it takes me to that zone of my conscious mind where I am totally unable to think for more effort.

Is it ok?

Yes, it is Ok for the normal world because in this busy and complex environment we never get things so easy.

Putting efforts is ok but not getting anything in return is wrong and that the where we have to stop our mind from going to the window of disappointment.

Sometimes waiting for the person, time or situation are not made for you, and that the point where we need to understand ourselves that things are not meant for us so now we should stop waiting .

Thinking of stars and moon will always give a beautiful hope of getting them and putting them on your room ceiling and having a best moment ever . But the reality is that you can’t even touch them and thinking of getting it will always give a false hope and at last leads to disappointment.

Trying hard for the things is good because hard work always pay off. But when, have you ever thought?

So, try to do those things which makes you feel good and happy. Things around you matters alot because the environment in which you are living will decide your mentality and your behavior towards other person. So to be the best person, sourround yourself by the positive person who has a positive attitude and aura in life.

And try to make good friends who motivates you to be the good person and helps you to differentiate between more and least important things.

Always try to make others happy because everythings you do will always come back to you. And to make your life easy, do your part and wait for the response if not then, change your way.

But friends, never lose your hope too early.

Thank you!

For spending yor precious time on my article.

Be in touch for more like this.

Have a nice day.

Stay safe.

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