Sometimes things which…

Sometimes the things which don’t want, come to us and the things which we want, don’t come to us. Don’t you think so? Irony of life.


The above mentioned line, is so common these days. Before going in a depth let’s talk about our current issue and try to relate ourself with this thing.

COVID-19, we never thought that this kind of virus will be seen in our upcoming days. But who knows the uncertainty. And wearing mask, social distancing and using sanitizer is a habit of daily routine. But we can’t forget that still many are suffering and many had suffered.

We never wanted all these to happen in our life but we have to face these difficulties and to face it we should be in a run to find some treatment i.e medicines and vaccines. But what we can do now, is to take help and precautions . Doctors who are helping the victims and giving there best but can’t give us the surety that we will cured.

But they will take care of you till they can and will help you to get out of those difficulties. But sometimes they fail when those difficulties hampers your immune system and make you suffer daily till you lose and hand over yourself to death.

In the same way in our life we daily suffer from alot of anxiety, emotional trauma, anger, irritation, fear, mistakes, regrets, and many other. All these things target our immune system which need to be purify and for that purification we need to consult to our heart because emotions is not a cup of tea for our mind. Therefore, our heart which is full of positivity get hurt then they always run for the support system. There are many support system which can heal the soul so, first of all we always go to your five senses i.e by crying(eyes), control (ear), shouting (mouth), exhaling (nose), fighting ( touch) or they will go to the external sources to whom you are very attach and you know that this person will surely understand you and will do anything to make you happy.

In this way we also play the role of doctors and of some regular medicines. But the vaccine is not made yet because it is too difficult to cure the problem of emotions and if vaccines is made for your soul then it will find its way and will lead you to be the great human and will enlighten your soul.

Because one can only help you if you have that spirit to stay alive and fight for yourself and your problems too. So, stay safe and healthy.

Thank you

For spending your time on my article

Stay safe.

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