Does expectation makes you upset?

What makes you upset?

Is it your expectation? Or it is something else.

        We always get upset on the happenings of thing which we don’t like. But who gave us this quality to differentiate our thoughts into likes and dislikes? The power to think stay within ourself. But the purpose of this this power is to think and expect accordingly.

       Can we ask a simple question to us, why do we expect thing from other? if we don’t have any right on them. It’s true we don’t have any right on anyone because we can can’t control them, edit them, mold them, or recreate them. We only have right on the things which own like materialistic things or else robots to whom we can command and tell them to do what we want.

      Its totally not wrong to expect, it’s only wrong when we strat expecting from others and therefore we should always expect from OURSELVES. And if you fail to complete so then you can punish yourself not others.

      So never expect anything from anyone whether they are your parents, partners, friends or family. And then see you will be a step ahead from other to be mentally fit and happy.

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