When I repeated your words!!!

When I repeated your words, ideologies or concepts in our relationship then why am I wrong for you?

Revenge, might be one of the reasons she replied in a very unpredictable manner, or you want me to realise the real meaning of those words which I had used for you in past which may have hurted you alot!!!,

What you want?

Do you want me to collect all those memories which I had experienced it, in the past.

Now it seems you have multiple of meaning of those words which I had misinterpreted.

Sometimes it happens with us, when we are using a WORD it might be good for us

– at that time,

– at that conversation,

-at agrument,

-at that debate .

BUT it might be curel word for someone else who had not shared with us but get hurt. So some or the other way that word get added to the dictionary of conversation between two persons and create barriers in their conversation

There is no fault of that person in this situation because at some point of time, in our life we accidentally and unintentionally gave a chance to other for using that word. Then tell me,

What is the harm in doing that?

Why you get HURT?

Then WHY you get upset when I use those words for you form your dictionary and perception?

Even karma says that karma cycle revolves and some or the other day you are also going to face that table….

So when I repeated your words why you are………..

Answer – You know it very well.

THANK YOU!! For spending your time on this.

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