I ask why? Why? Still women in our society are not safe. It’s been a year we are fighting for the right of women’s freedom.

Why womens are not Safe?

It’s just because she is beautiful, have a good physic, glowing skin, sparkling eyes, shiny hair…… But the abuse is also done without any discrimination in skin, caste, region, if we are having such a open minded people in our society who can abuse or use females without or any discrimination in different prospectus then I ask why?? There is no freedom for a girl to marry a boy of a different caste, color, or nationality

But today I am going to ask ‘why’ from every society or person that ‘why’ female’s are being molested.

” On Eve OF DUSSHERA ” where every one celebrate this festival just because Shri Ramji got victory over Shri Ravan, you must be thinking why I am giving so much respect to Shri Ravan but after reading my blog you will come to know why I am doing so,

As we all know Sita Maa was kidnapped by Ravan and she was with him for a number of years and when she was returned back to ayodhya with Ramji,then she was asked to give her purity test through agani pariksha so that no one can question to her love and loyalty towards Ramji and then she proved herself pure through aagni pariksha but I ask why we criticise Ravan, only because he had kidnapped her. I answer yes!!

But To whom we consider biggest villian of this festival. And we still do ramlela every year by burning Ravan for just doing a crime of kidnapping then think what should be the punishment of doing rape where Ravan had never touched Sita instead of living with her for a long time under the same roof. And still he is being criticise. So therefore the real monster are the rapist, molesters, and sexual abusers.

That’s why!! We should celebrate the victory for Ram not by saying over such a monster because real monster who don’t respect Girls are around us… And are molesting females every day.

Thank you for your time on my blog

Happy Dhussera!!!!!!

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