Maturity will help you.

MATURITY a big word with a great meaning which is all about the situation where you are able to understand and analysis the thing in a positive and correct way, it also judges your decision power and your level of thinking to the far extent.

                 Where it is very easy to say that I am very much mature to understand the importance of life and feelings of other and the situation.
If this is called maturity then
– the war between the countries would not happen,
– fights among the same blood and flesh would not happens,
– blast and murder had not taken place,
– rape, divorce, misunderstanding among relationship had not taken place……….. etc.

       That means we are still not mature at the age of  20-onwards, which in reality is called a maturity stage to understand the situation and problems
so, if we are not mature then that’s means we have to learn a lot of thing from which we will be able to understand the real meaning of the maturity.

           Basically person is called mature when he is mentally  strong not physically. If we are mature enough to take our decision which will help us in our life then we are very much close to the maturity stage and we will definitely reach to that stage

      ” Maturity is that stage when person hurts you but in return you don’t reciprocate with revenge rather you try to understand what made them to do so, there situation and you don’t hurt them back. ”

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