👉Search for I

Did ever searched   ”I” in yourself.

No, then go for it!

If yes, then you must have seen yourself in the competition Era or in your real estate.                     
     Whereas letter I,  is like a mirror to you which shows your real personality.   Your identity,  your personality, your field… etc.

        From my point of view, In a motivational sence,  for me   letter I   can be divided with our strength and weaknesses.  
       When we use  letter I to show our strength, then it gives us confidence, motivates us , to shine more like a ‘rich’  stars rather it makes us more powerful in all the sence. 
      And,  when we use I to show our weakness, then it our reality, our level in our field……. etc

        Even to prove our emotions and feelings, it is very much necessary to use  I  to represent ourself in those feelings like – 
I am sorry,  I am indeed,  I love you,  I will get success,  I am not a failure………… etc. 
          So we should use each and every letter carefully and should know there importance. 
           At last ” SEARCH FOR I”

Thanks for reading, 
Hope you like it, 

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