We need change!!!!

There are several kinds of people with different types of mentality who don’t even try to think positive rather they are attracted by negative waves. As we know very well and can analyze that we notethose statement which hurts us but we usually forget or don’t talk much on good moments and thus they are called as our memories.
         In our busy schedule we don’t bother about each other as who they are, what is happening to them, if they need some of our help, etc our main focus is that we are getting late for our school, college, office, coaching, lecture, etc.
         Today one school girl was asking for a help to contact there parents but no was ready to give here there smartphone to make a single call to her parents  I don’t know why they were hesitating so much.
        After a while when I give here my cell phone to make her call then I saw a strange think about here, after she made her call to her parents she asked to me to delete her number so that I don’t use that number for a wrong ways and yes she was only of the age 6yr
      By looking at the way she made her attempt to safe herself from any type of problem I was glad to see that………
      This was the simple story that showschanges in a common people.
This was my little efforts to share my view I hope u like this post
Thank you!

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