Patience > Force

Yes, patience is a right key to achieve what we want and it also play a vital role in achieving our dreams……


             We had heard a alot about patience examples – from our teachers that have patience will tell your marks, from our parents when they used to say have patience will bring this thing for you , etc whereas for me it was a synonyms of the word irritateπŸ™† and then we used to say how long I have to wait!!!! 😟
          Where patience is a time taking process but as we know that ‘sabhrah k faal meetha hota’ so patience will bring us to the path of success….. ✌
          Patience is one of that stage through which we all have to go through and those who don’t have this power (patience) they have  to suffer alot because now they don’t have a minute to improve themselves or gain something with the time.


              But patience give us strength and time to understand ourselves for our weakness and improvements…….

   ” our patience will achieve more than our force ”

Hope you like it
Thank you!!!!! 😊

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